Ferheng.org and Free Dictionaries Project


  • English <> Kurdish (~ 4.300 entries)
  • German <> Kurdish (ca. 9.000 entries) & German <> Turkish (ca. 36.000) in one package (310 kB)
  • Turkish <> Kurdish (ca. 25.000 entries, 174 kB)
    Download the dictionaries and unzip the folder "sda", then run the program SDA.
    For the execution of the program, you need the Java Runtime Environment. If you don't have it, download it here (15.1 MB).
Dictionary and application are free software licenced under the GNU Public License (GPL).
  • Freelang Dictionary : Kurdish-English
    This dictionary uses the wordlist of the Free Dictionaries Project but may be slightly outdated. (more info)


All wordlists are free content licenced under the GPL.

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