Printed Dictionaries


Michael L. Chyet: Kurdish-English Dictionary
Yale University Press, June 2003, Hardcover, 896 p., 8 1/2 x 11 inches, $75.00, ISBN: 0300091524 (more info)
Salah Saadallah: Saladin's English-Kurdish Dictionary
Avesta, 2000, hardcover, 1477 p. ISBN: 9757112852
A one-way Kurdish-English dictionary containing approximately 80,000 entries. Entries include an English head term, part of speech, and Kurdish equivalents. Often related words and phrases or combinations in which the head term often appears are included in the same entry. Concludes with a bibliography. (more info)
Baran Rizgar: Kurdish-English English-Kurdish (Kurmancî) Dictionary
Bay Foreign Language Books, 1993, Paperback,  400 pp., ISBN: 1873722052
25000 Kurdish words and phrases. 20.000 English words and phrases. Examples of usage. Statistics on Kurdish sounds. Pronunciation. Kurdish Grammar. Roman, Arabic and Cyrillic Scripts used in Kurdish. Kurdish Numbers. Irregular Verbs. Map of Kurdish inhabited regions. (more info)
Aziz Amindarov: Kurdish-English / English-Kurdish Dictionary
ISBN: 0781802466
8.000 entries
Kurdish-English/English-Kurdish (Kurmanci, Sorani, and Zazaki) Dictionary & Phrasebook
Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks, Paperback, 226 pages, $12.95, ISBN: 078181071X
(November 30, 2005)

Kurdish Guide with Dictionary
DOZ Yayinlari, 208 pages, ISBN 975-6876-01-8
An English-to-Kurdish phrasebook; the "dictionary" is in reality a section of words arranged according to topic, e.g., verbs, airport, armed forces, bathroom, beach, etc.


  • Taufiq Wahby, C.J. Edmonds: Kurdish-English Dictionary
     Oxford University Press 1966 (latin script)
  • Dr Rashid Karadaghi: The Azadi English-Kurdish Dictionary
    1241 p. (more)
  • Shafiq Qazzaz: The Sharezoor Kurdish-English Dictionary
    10.000 main entries (Arabic and romanized), 600+ pp., $49.95
  • Raman: English-Kurdish Dictionary
    Pen Press, 2003, paperback., 795pp.,  $44.95, ISBN: 1904018831
    This dictionary is unidirectional and does not contain any romanization of Kurdish. (more info)
  • S. Abdullah, K. Alam: English-Kurdish (Sorani) and Kurdish (Sorani)-English Dictionary
    Star Publications / Languages of the World Publica, March 2004, Hardcover, 304 pp, ISBN: 817650078X (more info)
  • Salam Nawkhosh: OXFORD : English-Kurdish dictionary
    (more info)
  • Pirshing H. Amin Ahmad. Yad Dictionary
    English-Arabic-Kurdish, Sulaimani, 2002

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