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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2016

    Industry asked: flooring industry opponents were "spoof" between two weeks, domestic floor flush exposed the "poisonous floor" scandal, so the annual industry event held in late March - Shanghai and wood flooring exhibition become the heaviest? a show, all the bigwigs look dignified. However, this spread to China from abroad excessive formaldehyde emission with a lot of secrets hidden behind the crisis, was even considered to be opponents of "spoof." composite furniture in Difei De For example, "poison floor" events in the United States, Beijing Daily reporter remarked these: a competitor wanted to blow LL company, found its import business from China laminate flooring formaldehyde as a breakthrough, and its detection method also break the convention, not to make the finished floor samples, but the floor coating both sides are worn, where to buy waterproof timber Tasmania so the use of formaldehyde emission significantly higher than normal.

    When this incident came to light, LL company's stock plunged 24%. It stands to reason, comparative test published by the Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau, Zhejiang Province,boat foam decking the Consumer Protection Commission, the findings should be no doubt that this is not a non-formal institutions and the media to make the test privately, but also for the people in the industry Zhejiang Consumer protection Committee for the realistic simulation of the extent of the release of formaldehyde during use

    test set at room temperature (20 ��) ??when the device turns on and warm (40 ��) when the two comparative test the formaldehyde emission approach confused: people's normal living environment also about 20 ��,decking price per square foot even hot weather interior can reach 40 ��, will certainly open the door windows open for ventilation, the formation of formaldehyde gathering impossible, specifically set up to detect the environment 40 ��, and trying to do?

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