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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2016

    However, since the resources belong to cork products, production of raw materials is not great, so the price is also higher than cork flooring ordinary floor. "Paving high difficulty" hinder cork "circulation" in addition to limited awareness, difficult paving a direct impact on the flow of cork flooring. No deformation rooftop decking products An unnamed industry sources, cork flooring requires a very flat surface paving environment. Therefore, after the paving must be carried out prior to the ground leveling, and then coated interface agent, for each piece of cork flooring leave room for expansion and contraction, and then paving waterproof glue to the ground after each block paving will also cork flooring compaction,cost of box of vinyl siding paving the whole process is very complicated.

    Because of paving difficult, costly labor costs, and the paving process directly affects the quality of the floor, the floor so many dealers are unwilling to promote cork flooring.cost of composite decking per square foot The industry to remind consumers that if you want to buy cork flooring manufacturers must investigate the pavement level, otherwise the paving process is not in place will reduce the life of the floor.

    From the current perspective, cork flooring natural texture, color is still relatively limited, but industry sources said that some brands are beginning to cork tile on the way to work hard,best waterproof vinyl tiles cork flooring can also occur very popular parquet, cartoons and other elements, which more suitable pavement in the ordinary residence. If you really like cork flooring, but the decoration on a budget can also be a priority in the actual space required for elderly housing, children's room and so on pavement.

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