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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2016

    The reason there are two main aspects: First, cheap Chinese labor cost is relatively low so that the flooring product, resulting in a so-called "cost" of competitive advantage in the international market; Second, these countries face a large number of Chinese exports will inevitably produce trade surplus,synthetic plastic composite picket fence the trade surplus has caused a lot of trouble. Recently the Ministry of Commerce also raised the question: how to make Chinese flooring industry standardization in international trade? For us, this is still a weak link.

    From light industrial products, international trade friction apparel industry perspective and then to the floor, compared with other industries,Plastic Templates For Wood trade flooring industry is still relatively small, on this issue, the Ministry of Commerce should further strengthen the leadership of the first wood floor, and the other We should strengthen the dialogue between industry associations, manufactured flame retardant outside wood deck exchanges, and joint; critical moment to come forward to speak for the industry as a business. Furthermore, we should give full play to industry associations in the country and the industry's influence, and actively communicate with entrepreneurs, some entrepreneurs to change and reverse light quality, light legal, do not pay attention syndicate practices. Us on updated products to enhance product quality must be strengthened.

    We want to join forces between industry associations, as China transformed from floor to floor industrial power industrial power efforts. China's crowded foreign monks chanting unlikely as the domestic market, especially the parquet floor of vigorous, domestic giants have vied for the Chinese market floor,hollow composite deck wholesale there are a lot of foreign companies to invest in China. Dekor large domestic market and Asia cooperation to make it in the domestic market leader in the home position, but the international market giants stationed certainly formed utmost state.

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