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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2016

    Recently, the "Laminate flooring" (ie, laminate flooring) national standard GB / T28202-2000 revision of the manuscript has been unveiled full media. This paper is the national ranking of the relevant departments. The new national standard page 5 clearly stated that "E0 level Laminate floor" concept and meaning.composite waterproof decking According to the new national standards, Intensive flooring formaldehyde emission ��0.5mg / L is E0 grade laminate flooring, which is currently the most excellent indicators of formaldehyde emission laminate flooring. According to reports, the government clearly "E0-class" laminate flooring, wood floor of the great significance of strengthening the country.

    For consumers, price per square foot for installing tongue and groove flooring the state clearly the E0 grade laminate flooring, which means that they can sort formaldehyde emission safety, health laminate flooring in accordance with this standard; for enterprises, especially manufacturers of laminate flooring, wpc fence future in india E0 level is almost a technical threshold, if not rushed in a new round of E0 grade laminate flooring popular movement, they will face a huge market pressure. In developing a definition of E0 level Laminate flooring, GB / T28202-2000 manuscript revision also clarified the definition of E2 class Laminate flooring: formaldehyde emission ��2.5mg / L. The E2 grade laminate flooring was the high industry standards. Over the past six years, consumers are generally more comfortable with formaldehyde emission reach the highest level E0 grade laminate flooring,

    "does not reach the level of the floor is not safe E2 reached E0 grade flooring is considered healthy." As a promoter of the new national standard, new high tech building materials general manager of Power Dekor Group Chengdu Zhu Lingying representation, E0 grade flooring is the new national standard "health rating" means to divide, indicating health indicators laminate flooring has become the government departments, consumer recognized Product Standards.

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