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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2016

    For the industry as a whole, I think this matter should be good, this is the case, the national macro-control to the industry towards greener, healthier, for example, to develop something solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, this environmentally friendly floor, it is a good long-term national development and sustainable development. So the industry is concerned, I think it is a good thing overall. 5% tax rate is not low, I think the rate of 5%,fence made of deck boards the state will certainly be considered. After all, there are now a part of solid wood flooring market, the state may not want all of a sudden this market blocked. This is also from the national humane considerations, also consider some like wood flooring manufacturers, consumers are still willing to spend solid wood flooring.

    As high or low, there will be a comprehensive national consideration. In the increasingly scarce resources, including rare wood is increasingly scarce,wood fence 2x4 pickets I think this may be increasing the consumption tax, it will increase efforts to control the degree of utilization of scarce timber in the future. Reporter: Business is the third time to participate in this exhibition?average cost 10x10 pool deck galvanized wood The show which features? Dai Wubing: The show is an international exhibition, the most prominent is international. It will attract a lot of foreign businessmen and domestic businessmen, we are going to come, so the influence is more far-reaching.

    Although we have now become a big country floor, the floor has become a big production country. There are many manufacturers also will be stronger, but everyone on the quality of the exhibition, I think it should be improved. What is the nature of the show? It is to bring you the best products,boards made of recycled plastic corporate image display for everyone to see. If it is very noisy in the show, because the pavilion is a public space in which this public space, if it is noisy, it will affect the customer's mood. As we now speak very noisy background, if so noisy, it is difficult to allow customers to do business with us Jing Xiaxin, so the order for the exhibition is very good.

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