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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2016

    Looking ahead to 2009 prospects wood and wood products, mainly as follows: First, the current difficulties. Internationally, the global financial crisis gradually evolved into a recession, there will be no improvement is expected in 2009, I-traditional exports of wood products in Europe and America the greatest impact.[url=]outside mounts for deck railings[/url] Domestically, the real estate market downturn, for decoration and wood products market impact, home sales fell this year, the vacancy rate rise will affect the first half of 2009 sales of wood products. Second, the consequences.

    Part of the furniture or flooring business failures massive layoffs, especially in the export-oriented enterprises more difficult. China's four major production base of wood-based panels facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges, 70% to 80% of the enterprises in the partially stopped,[url=]composite deck cost estimator[/url] millions of unemployed migrant workers return home, as the main raw materials for wood-based panel of poplar prices rapidly fell seriously dampen the enthusiasm of farmers to grow poplar. Third, the domestic opportunity.[url=]plastic outdoor flooring[/url] There are: 1 the state has adopted a series of policies to expand domestic demand, such as: the proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, tax reform, etc., we should actively step up fight.

    2. The country two years 4 trillion yuan of investment to ensure GDP growth will not be less than 8%. 3. The state will increase affordable housing construction, increase capital investment by three years, will increase by more than 200 million sets of low-rent housing, more than 400 million units of affordable housing,[url=]porch deck calculator cost[/url] more than 220 million sets of forestry, agriculture, mining shantytowns, with a total investment of 900 billion yuan, an annual average of 300 billion yuan investment, coupled with the upstream and downstream industries, and promote the construction of 600 billion yuan of investment each year.

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