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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2016

    Xinhua Beijing September 3 (Reporter Qi Zhongxi) face of the laminate flooring market competition order and chaos, the situation "five bad board" raging, high density synthetic lumber 15 domestic brands of laminate flooring manufacturers have jointly announced the establishment of the "Union flagship in Shanghai shop "black heart dealers refused to guarantee the trustworthiness of the sales cycle, as well as co-operation with the regulatory authorities unified logo, uniform certification standards. With the gradual improvement of living standards of citizens, laminate flooring market sales have increased year by year.

    Data from China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee show that this year to strengthen the wood flooring market consumption in China will exceed 150 million square meters, compared with last year growth of 30%. In terms of production capacity, the existing domestic hundreds of laminate flooring brands,bamboo composite decking for park imported or domestically produced laminate flooring production line more than 40, and the scale of the industry is still growing. Although the market demand, the industry also has a larger room for growth, but the market outlook has laminate flooring and is not optimistic, product mix, logistics, sales of non-standard link directly restricts the growth of the industrycheap outdoor garage flooring . Since laminate flooring production and management belong to building materials, light industry, forestry, construction and other sectors and industries, with the rapid expansion of the market, the influx of a large number of production and sales force management and development to make the industry into chaos.

    15 brands conventions, composite lawn and garden edging material close the loopholes from the parties, the "five bad board" shut out. Set up a "Union flagship store" to refuse black heart dealers to ensure the trustworthiness of the marketing chain; provide a variety of promotional material to guide consumers and give its report amply rewarded; strengthen internal oversight mechanism alliance vendors discipline; and regulators to work together unified flag unified certification standards. (Xinhua)

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