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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2016

    Enhancement of Chinese flooring industry, strengthen the development of the wood flooring industry with the development of the real estate industry is a great relationship,Dock decking wpc pellets Fjordane we should do some secondary and tertiary markets, our marketing, including our product innovation, price positioning we have to make some adjustments, and we laminate flooring industry really be able to occupy second and third tier markets.

    Currently we strengthen the wooden floor of the situation, should take a couple of choices, the first one is the product of the era of competition, as long as the product will sell very well, particularly good money a few years ago, and the second stage is the price competition, because there is no innovation, timber louvered gates Springfield only to profit on price competition, price competition will lead to expansion of the scale, and the third stage is the brand, and the fourth is the business model, including the integration of industry,midwest manufacturing composite fencing the size of some of the original simple model of the brand to do extending upstream own, there are some factories.

    The third theory is targeting, I think the flooring industry in the relative lack of marketing, there is no a clear positioning, we mentioned many brands, there can not be summed up, positioning is discarded to get, so we do not full bloom, there are some simple and detailed support, including some made to some of the brand positioning and so on the floor, I think that innovation is not just marketing model, but also have more of a number of innovative products. plastic studs at bargain outlet The fifth point I personally think that a competitive brand first be able to provide consumers with the most valuable products, including our floor itself includes accessories, the second a complete consumer experience, there are some services to our customers after the store should have a pleasant shopping effort, I think we probably have not done more brands, all of this is the need to strengthen the laminate flooring.

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