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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2016

    Relevant person in charge of the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association, said the industry announced product details are taboo, not disclose the cost of the product, but in fact, product price transparency, reasonable profits, there is no cost should not be open. On the contrary cost after the disclosure, how to install lament flooring around a door increased transparency, corporate profits should get on it confidently acquire, consumers can buy with confidence, understand the consumer. Meanwhile, some are not good market competition and cost control, simply to promote "high quality" of the enterprise, as well as those "low quality" or even "low-quality high," the business will be restricted, those who rely on quality,pre hung fiberglass door with composite frame cost control scale enterprises must win accumulation effect further to seize market opportunities.

    greater benefits for consumers to send and affordable. Recently, the Rhine floor sun and a few other brands to take a substantial price reduction means a strong push 69 yuan / square meter "E0" floor, and vowing to end the era of profiteering floor. E0 grade laminate flooring is an advanced technology low release of formaldehyde,pvc injection molding machine for plastic roof tile panels Rhine sun, said 69 yuan is not to make money, the price of the Rhine sun wooden floor purpose is to seize the low-end market, and finally the formation and development of the industry about a possible right to speak PUMA.

    Impossible for the ex-factory price 40 yuan, "China to strengthen the floor cost White Paper" proposed cost, many companies said laminate flooring prices 41-45 yuan per square meter is not possible. There are manufacturers that, at present, the price of laminate flooring from the original 300 yuan per square meter down to 100 yuan,insulated basement wall panels or 80 yuan, most brands now on the market floor price should be within a reasonable range, the recent introduction of the "laminate flooring cost White Paper" presented.

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