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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2016
    Modern decoration, more or less consider choosing solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring as health, environmental protection, cool, compared to other floors can enhance quality decoration throughout the house. However, solid wood floor maintenance are more difficult, because it is easy to damp, especially those who live on the first floor, once wet will be deformed.
    Today, most consumers have recognized that solid wood flooring in the living room floor material in a variety of outstanding advantages.
    For solving solid wood flooring to absorb moisture expansion, deformation problems, the following are listed here for your reference:
    A, ground moisture treatment methods: general "three oil felt two" (two-three asphalt felt paper, and then wipe the top layer of cement to prevent the release of harmful gases); simple processing method is a layer of moisture-proof film.
    B, by installing the plate to balance expansion: Some add a layer of hair on the floor keel, some installation requirements Intersegment left 0.2mm wide gap, and some require interior corners left flap convenient to put moisture, and some require wall floor joints are equipped with a spring, and some aluminum alloy keel, some use rail wood flooring installation methods.
    C, moisture-proof plate processing method: Backplane tongue and groove painted, waxed, coated aluminum foil, plastic coated using nanotechnology.
    No matter what kind of method is not perfect, which option is more suitable for particular you have to go and decoration company for advice.
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