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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    <p>the first floor of the surface clean up, and then wiped a layer of cement mortar leveling layer, and in the expansion joints at the Department of the surface pressure surface. Half a month later, in the strong <a href="">best swimming pool wooden</a> tile manufacturers where the roof layer in accordance with the operating rules of the material made of the roof of the waterproof construction, water conservation three days later, and in the expansion joints which embedded mastic, the second Day on the roof of the water. After a week carefully check the following, no leakage, so that the water will be out.</p><p> A month later on the roof observation and found <a href="">flooring around pool areas</a> some parts of the roof cracks, so the quality supervision departments and the parties and the construction side in consultation with the roof made three felt four oil and a sand, it seems that the roof is done two Road fortification, the roof from the construction to now have more than ten years, to the author when there is no leakage.</p><p>Through the construction of the roof, the author was somewhat puzzled, so for such materials<a href="">horizontal slats under deck</a> on the careful construction the plugging project is really waterproof treasure, a block on spirit. the task is urgent</p><p> the toilet between the surface did not wipe a few days want to do waterproof, according to the previous waterproof construction experience grass-roots moisture content must be less than 9%. And such materials apply to the wet base surface, in order to catch the progress of the project so that the construction side of the proposed use of such materials, the results are very good. It now appears that the inorganic rigid coating of waterproof material, although not the advantages of organic elastic coating material, but in the construction of the castle in the construction of the water, use it as a waterproof layer <a href="">patios using composite decking in India</a>
    in a waterproof or appropriate. Because it is firmly bonded to concrete, it is easy to repair for defective concrete, no crack after repair, and its durability is superior to organic materials, especially the interface with concrete.</p>
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