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    • CommentAuthorliuyi
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    China's road market after years of development, the brand pattern is maturing, the user in the machine purchase began to consider the multi-price, competitive advantage is no longer the only criteria, brand influence, product performance and user experience more prominent, compaction performance Good, compaction efficiency, the use of low cost, high reliability, simple and convenient operation of the hydraulic high-end roller began to be favored by users.
    As the leader of high-end roller, the recent main push two full-hydraulic single-drive single-drum roller, the two models in addition to the continuation of three SSR series of single-wheel roller tough atmosphere without losing the appearance, power system, construction performance , Control comfort and equipment and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade.
    The high-power engine of the Weichai 147kW, the engine with the precise control of the fuel injection, making the oil smooth, fog Uniform sound, the engine noise is low, allowing users to have a better driving experience; into the exhaust fully, the fuel system to match more reasonable, greatly improve the power ratio, can achieve maximum operating efficiency. SSR200AC-8 / SSR220AC-8 engine developed a special water filter, the technology to replace the tank electric pump function and cumbersome artificial pump oil exhaust link.
    Not only can solve the high temperature, alpine areas due to fuel wax caused by the engine is difficult to start, or start after the flame problem. In order to meet the precise transmission of the engine power, the whole hydraulic single-drive single-drum roller rare use of the German Lokshi top vibration pump, the vibration pump displacement, power conversion stability. Large displacement vibration pump and vibration motor, making the system pressure is low, high reliability.
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