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    And latter, lian Mou is red be exploded to give scandal of all sorts of back pay of the debt that owe money ceaselessly. From its sale plan also can see a bit clue. It is to hit no longer " weathy " card, however deflection at " from black " pitiful card. Streak official net is published before " capital catenary ruptures, capital of steam again of low undersell furniture " message, with recently " low is covered send salary to help now " saying of Lei Ren ad, let a person must feel, it seems to maintain no less than going to a bit really.

    And somebody feels, this estimation is that loves those who do stunt " Lian Mou is red " , a sale that makes for rich eyeball just. No matter be to be covered really,show, still do stunt, plum the eyeball that function captured me again. In hype respect, lian Mou is red really arrogant Pu Tian sends forcingly unlike. Although I more they are short of apt really money. The individual understands, the gold time of annatto furniture, come 13 years in 5 years between.

    This industry has been stabilized with each passing day now, although still be sudden huge profits, but before the business is done not have for certain so good did. Break advertisement dilate to do stunt, enter carefully not apply goes out. Lian Mou is red a be line of business of Chinese annatto furniture strange flower, but also be an epitome at the same time, its brilliant with be on the wane, the development trend with industry of Chinese annatto furniture is same.

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