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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    <P>Into the decoration season, the home industry consumption season followed, corporate promotional activities have also carried out. With the changes in consumer demand, home business promotion activities are also changing, in addition to the usual discounts, relief, lucky draw, back to cash and other benefits, in the form,<a href="">cheap aluminum alloy university furniture suppliers</a> content, theme and so on are constantly pursuing innovative marketing.</P>
    <p>As a result of people living closely related to home life, consumer experience is particularly important. In recent years, the importance of home enterprises to consumers gradually increased, tap the potential needs of consumers, listen to the user demands, increase the stickiness between products and consumers. March 5,<a href="">special price cafe style dining table</a> actually the home of the North Fourth Ring Road and Datun Street Office jointly organized the "hand in hand to the people feedback" public welfare activities, North Fourth Ring store "learning Lei Feng" volunteer service team into the community, in need of help Of the family to provide free home maintenance services.</p>
    <p>PIn order to meet the 80, 90 after the consumption of the main crowd needs, actually the home of the North Fourth Ring store to build the 4200 square meters of the whole house custom center on March 7 officially debut, including Europe, Sophia, Feimei, , KD and other 21 first-line custom brand out of the scale of large stores. March 4 to 5,<a href=''>best camping beds for kids</a> Gu home held the first "user conference", invited 300 Gu family home users came to the scene, to understand their use of the product in the problem, listen to their views, together to explore how to Gu home consumption Provide better product and service innovation.</p>
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