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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2017
    <p>Starch-based bio-plastics is expected to achieve industrialization
    Bioplastics large-scale manufacturing process in the complex processing technology, high processing costs, integration and other key links, around the amylose preparation, starch-based <a href="">best 1x2 for outdoor projects</a> plastic interface capacity<p></p> starch-based plastic film preparation, modified starch biological and chemical conversion Common technology, as well as the engineering demonstration of these technologies and other issues to study, and ultimately to develop a number of low-cost, high-value starch products, the preparation process and complete sets of equipment, the establishment of starch-based degradation of plastic and modified starch <a href="">wood plastic retaining wall</a> bio-based material demonstration production line.<p></p> The researchers first modified the structure of the starch molecules, and then modified the fully degraded plasticized starch, thereby improving the material properties, to achieve the full degradation of plastic. Compared with the traditional polyester plastic, the new material can reduce the energy consumption of 47%, reducing greenhouse gas<a href="">composite garden fencing london</a> emissions by 59%.<p></p> In addition, potato starch is about 4 yuan per kilogram, while the plastic raw materials about 20 yuan per kilogram, the new process to ensure that the production enterprises have a higher profit margins. At present, more and more scientific research institutions and enterprises will look to the starch-based bio-plastic biodegradable, environmentally friendly natural renewable resources research and development and utilization. In this regard, industry experts said that to successfully enter the market, biomass materials must also be through <a href="">veranda attractive composite decking material</a>
    technology, engineering amplification, cost control and other layers of the test.<p>
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