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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2017
    <p>purify the room using bamboo charcoal, the harmful gas emitted decoration in the process of adsorption, purification, concentration of harmful gas in the body to alleviate before the completion of the renovation. Wait until the floor, early drying of bamboo charcoal particles after half a day, can be laid under the floor, which does not affect the effect of advance before the renovation of purification (this is for purification of bamboo charcoal particles, special carbon </p>
    <p>floor because they do not have the purification function, no longer in this column). 4, the use of bamboo charcoal on the market there are marked specifically for the floor of bamboo charcoal and bamboo charcoal purification category. Personally feel that it is necessary to choose clean bamboo charcoal. Why? Because the floor there, not only moisture, and other harmful gases, such as formaldehyde emitted floor paint; while the floor can not be under the </p>
    <p>floor and the floor above the air isolated, on the air there is convection, especially now that more and more families use paint floor the gap between the floor increases, the convection is bigger, so the floor under the presence of harmful gas can not be ignored. Purification of bamboo charcoal particles not only has the function of regulating humidity, but also the adsorption of harmful gases, while relying on their own decomposition function, decomposition of harmful </p>
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