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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2017
    <p>moisture tester for measuring the ground moisture content, common ground standard &amp;lt; 20%, the laying of the floor geothermal standard &amp;lt; 10%. If the ground water content is too high, the floor is easy to absorb water expansion, resulting in the floor from the arch, drum, sound and other issues, so if the ground water content exceeds the standard value, to be dehumidification. 2 check the flatness of the ground with 2M by feet flat on the ground with the </p>
    <p>thickness of 3mm inspection, inspection by foot and ground feeler gap, not by qualified, not qualified by. If the ground is uneven, you need to use the blade cut, serious cases should be re leveling or self leveling treatment. Ground roughness is not up to the pavement, it will cause the collapse of the floor edge, from Alice, arch, sound and other issues. 3 check whether the ground hard practical screwdriver handle or a hammer hitting the ground, check whether </p>
    <p>the ground is empty, peeling off. If the ground is empty or peeling, it is necessary to re ground. Otherwise, in the laying of the floor after a period of time, because the ground is not solid, there will be sound. 4 check the environment if there are termites carefully around the room and furniture are termites, must do the termite inspection and prevention engineering floor pavement before, otherwise the entire floor, even all wood house will be subject to serious harm. 5 </p>
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