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    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2017
    <p>material in the preliminary processing is completed, but also through the careful sorting, remove the unqualified products. After high temperature and high pressure, there is a large internal stress in the substrate, which needs to be set up for 15 days to about 20 days. This process is called health. The seventh step: selecting solid wood skin parquet in northern dry environment, so the size stability is the key. In order to prevent the phenomenon of cracking in the dry </p>
    <p>heating season, the big brands of solid wood flooring surface of the precious wood species of all kinds of veneer by a professional quality control personnel selection, moisture content control is very strict. The eighth step: the floor slab molding will choose a good veneer coated with environmental glue paste on the floor of the substrate, and then into the advanced hot press machine for hot pressing, that is made of qualified multi-layer solid wood composite floor slab. </p>
    <p>The ninth step: the floor slab floor decorative veneer due to health in the paste after hot pressing, the slab internal and has a large internal stress, the floor slab of the need to balance the health Cang in constant temperature and humidity static health about 20 days, so as to ensure the quality of the floor is more stable. The tenth step: after cutting through the health, the slab will be cut through the slot equipment. The quality of the stitching on the floor of the mosaic is of </p>
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