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    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2017
    <p>Modified by Vegetable Oil With the increase in people's awareness of environmental protection, restrictions on VOC emissions laws and regulations increasingly stringent, as well as oil and energy constraints, to promote <a href="">exterior deck membrane dealers</a> coatings industry to water-based paint as the representative of the low-pollution environmental coatings direction. Wood coating is an important part of the paint industry, because it is closely related to people's lives, therefore, the development of water-based wood coatings is particularly important.<p></p> Water-based wood coatings are the main varieties: water-based alkyd paint, acrylic water dispersion coating, polyurethane water dispersion coating and two-component polyurethane coatings. Due to the high performance and low VOC content of waterborne polyurethane coatings, it has <a href="">composite decking spain</a> become one of the fastest growing waterborne wood coatings.<p></p> Preparation of water-based polyurethane coatings are mostly polyester or polyether polyols as the main raw material, and most of these raw materials rely on imports, and expensive. Air dry vegetable oil is a kind of important renewable resources, they are widely used in the paint industry.<p></p> The long-chain non-polar fatty acid chains in <a href="">how much is composite fence Canada</a> the vegetable oil component make the coating have good hydrophobic effect while imparting good flexibility, bending resistance and cold resistance to the coating. The unsaturated carbon-carbon double bonds in the fatty acids can be oxidized To improve the performance of waterborne polyurethane. In this paper, the product of alcohol-soluble vegetable oil and trimethylolpropanol was used instead of the traditional polyester polyether polyol with toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and dimethylol propionic acid, neutralized with triethylamine. Derived from emulsified aqueous urethane oil emulsions. The waterborne polyurethane wood coatings with excellent properties were prepared by using the aqueous polyurethane oil emulsion, and the factors affecting <a href="">anti insect chairs made out of composite decking</a>the performance of the emulsion were discussed.<p>
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