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    • CommentAuthorDJEmily
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2017
    When writing long-form articles or essays, whether they're for the internet or for school, I use markdown. Markdown is essentially a slimmed-down version of HTML that is used almost strictly for web writing and can be quickly converted to standard HTML. It makes formatting text very simple by using keyboard shortcuts. You don't have to fumble with your mouse when writing an article. For instance, if you want to put a title in your text (basically an ), type "#" in front of your text. It's pretty simple.

    However, in order to simplify the process you should probably have a markup editor on your computer. One of my favorites is Romanysoft MarkdownD for Mac: a relatively new, powerful Markdown editor for Mac:
    - Supports exporting any Markdown to HTML/XHTML, PDF
    - Supports Printing
    - Support standard Markdown/CommonMark and GFM (GitHub) Flavored 5. Markdown
    - Live Preview Support
    - Support formatted text, code blocks, tables, code folding, search and replace, multiple languages, HTML entity code – syntax highlighting
    - Support Toc (Table of Contents), Emoji expression, TaskLists (task map), @Links (link)
    - Support decoding and filtering of HTML tags and attributes
    - Support Tex (LaTex expression, KaTeX), flow diagram and sequence diagram
    - Support Document Recovery Mechanism


    Download Mac:

    Download Windows

    Note: If you want to download the latest Romanysoft MarkdownD, please view here:
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