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    • CommentTime9 05 2017
    <p>recommended in the choice of skirting board as far as possible the use of brand-name floor designated supporting skirting board. Affected by the European style of decoration, coupled with the current majority of housing is limited, many consumers in the purchase of the floor is no longer blindly from the market popular 10cm, 8cm baseboard standard, dwarf 6cm baseboard gradually The more consumers choose, will also become a fashion of the future, in addition, 6cm skirting line for the decoration to add more personality </p>
    <p>factors, great to meet the individual needs of modern consumption. Second, the floor glue to a piece of a piece of the floor into a whole, so that between the floor and the floor is not the gap between the stains, is the most basic role of floor glue, in addition to floor glue also play a moisture-proof function. Therefore, the choice of floor glue should pay attention to its two important indicators: waterproof performance and curing properties, good floor glue should reach the European D3 class waterproof standard, the curing content must reach </p>
    <p>50% -52%, otherwise the floor is difficult to connect firmly. In addition, the floor glue in the floor, although the amount of less installed, but its environmental protection can not be ignored, the use of environmentally friendly performance of the floor of the plastic, serious will cause the entire room pollution exceeded, due to the current domestic market is still no mature plastic Brand, the quality is also good and bad, it is recommended to install the floor when you choose to use imported environmentally friendly glue. In the floor laying </p>
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