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    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2016
    Autumn and winter came, the family paved flooring friends have to pay attention, floor care in respect of the change in the direction of your home. Autumn and winter drying world, wood floor care is the focus of a modest pay, to prevent the floor from over-drying the skin. The following four principles to keep in mind:
    Beja topped floor floor
    1. modest pay, prevent cracking
    Autumn dry season, relatively low air humidity, wood floors in wood fibers and natural shrinkage due to moisture loss. Into the autumn, the indoor humidity should be maintained between 50-70%, because once the moisture content is too low wooden floors, wood floors can cause cracking, take place at the opening of other issues directly. If we can not guarantee that the humidity of the room, two to three times a week can wipe with a damp cloth, twisted need to pay attention not dripping wet cloth so far. Or use some small room humidifier to moisturize, drop two or three drops of aromatherapy, can play a moisturizing effect, but also to create a warm and comfortable home environment.
    2. Avoid exposure, properly screened
    Wood floor by prolonged sun exposure can lead to cracking and fading. Even the intensity of sunshine in summer than autumn, but still can not be ignored, when the fierce sun curtains should cover, in order to lengthen the service life of wood flooring. Long-term exposure in the home position by, for example balconies, floor to ceiling windows and other locations, you can consider placing carpet or floor vases, decorative, thereby avoiding the floor exposed to direct sunlight, and avoid indoor a "contrasting colors."
    3. Note the clean, regularly dust
    Autumn is a season can not be too lazy to clean dust. Dry climate leads to increased dust, clean, then there is no time, water will accumulate in the seams between planks, forming stubborn stains. In addition to the usual dust regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a broom, but also pay special attention to regular stampede location appropriate for carpet and dust strip affixed to the door of the entrance location. At the same time, regular wood floor waxing maintenance or maintenance of essential oils can also be dust, moisture, water, credit, extended its service life.
    4. The board problem, fix next spring
    Into fall, many families wooden floors suffered different degrees of opening, deformation, cracking and other issues, we will fix the problem after the instant and over again. Experts remind floor seasonal problem can not rush repair, waiting for the floor after four seasons humidity and temperature through changing process, so maximize floor deformation, and finally find a professional wood floor restoration company a one-time repair. In the next spring and then repair wooden floors, once in place, to avoid repeatedly after repairs.
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