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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2017
    Features Applications

    Din 975 thread is a key part of the thread connection and the screw drive. Now, the characteristics and application of several commonly used threads in the machine are as follows:

    1. Triangle thread

    Tooth angle, self-locking performance is good, and the root is thick, high strength, so more for the connection. Commonly used are common thread, inch thread and cylindrical pipe thread.

    (1) ordinary thread: the national standard, the tooth angle α = 60 ° triangular metric thread called ordinary thread, large diameter d is the nominal diameter. The same nominal diameter can have a variety of pitch thread, which the largest pitch is called coarse thread, the rest are called fine thread, coarse thread most widely used. Fine thread diameter, small angle, so the self-locking performance is good, high strength, but not wear, easy to slip, suitable for thin-walled parts, the load of the coupling and fine-tuning institutions to adjust.

    (2). Inch thread: tooth angle α = 55 °, in inches, pitch from the number of teeth per inch, there are coarse teeth, fine teeth of the points. Mainly in Britain, the United States and other countries to use, the domestic generally only in the use of repair.

    2. Cylinder thread

    (Figure 9-8c), widely used in water, gas, gas, air, gas, gas, gas, Lubrication and other piping systems.

    3. Rectangular thread

    The tooth type is square, the tooth angle α = 0 °, the tooth thickness is half of the pitch, the equivalent coefficient of friction is small, the efficiency is higher, but the root strength is low, the thread wear caused by the axial gap is difficult to compensate, Low, and finishing more difficult, therefore, this thread has been less used.

    Screw is a spiral groove on the surface of the cylindrical, are generally used in plastic molding equipment, such as injection molding machines and so on. Din 975 -
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