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    Likefu tells director of guild of   Guangxi forest products our newspaper reporter: "Guangxi man-made board crop 2000 60 much stere, exceeded 3 million stere 2005, was as high as 2000 much stere 2025; But coinstantaneous forest is enclothed leading is respectively 42.4% , 52% with 62% , silvan natural resources uses more more.

    Silvan natural resources uses more more..   " the circular economy that this is be worthy of the name. " Sun Jian says.   " resemble planting crops is same, fast unripe forest arrived to grow cycle must be reaped. " driveway with 3 power citing of oak of great part of a historical period of main raw material, its grow cycle is 4 to 6 years, expire to be not chopped meet hollow, fall ill.

    The analysis of this and Sun Jian is consistent: To grow periodic meeting discharges carbon dioxide, cause pollution instead, silvan natural resources reasonable use rise, lin Nong produces beneficial result, promote conversely cultivate enthusiasm.   looks in Sun Jian, man-made board industry can realize young capable person to be used greatly, second material actor is used, can last be low carbon environmental protection development property;

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