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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2016

    But companies must innovate, with independent intellectual property rights, technology, technology, in order to become a century brand. Although Zhang Lu Bin forest and two experts have expressed concern about a number of brands to the floor, but neither of those no-name will be eliminated conclusion. plastic composite deck lounge chairs Peng Hongbin prophecy can be achieved by the end of nature visible clues. Suspense two prices rose or fell?

    In 2005, total sales of China's wood flooring market is about 150 million square meters, the market has become saturated, so it was predicted that in 2006, wood flooring market will start a price war, so that high-end prices fell 30% majority brand fell below 70 yuan / square meter floor. Another argument is that, armguard decking colors Italy due to rising raw material prices, the price of wood is not only not fall, but will rally! Zhang forest for "price to say" do not agree. He believes that, prefab composite hardwood decking due to the wood flooring small businesses qualified rate of about 60% in recent years, prices mean sacrificing quality, from the cost price does not make sense to talk about. In addition, he believes that more and more scarce raw material of solid wood flooring, imported raw materials subject to various restrictions, product prices are bound to rise.

    Even now the price of the most powerful to strengthen the floor, in the upper reaches of the trend of prices of coal, electricity, oil, transportation and other upstream is also very obvious, the inevitable impact on the wood floor, the floor at the same time strengthen the raw material used in high-density fiberboard,principles of composite material mechanics solution which feedstock plantations in prices, their prices are also plantation land prices, fiberboard VAT Jizhengjitui policy has expired, the continuation of yet a foregone conclusion, these factors determine the price of laminate flooring is very unlikely.

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