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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2016

    In the long run, to fundamentally solve the problem of wood supply, we must develop plantations and wood saving and substitution. According to "Opinions" content, timber conservation and alternative development priorities: First, the development of efficient wood processing industry, to improve the efficiency of resource use timber;wood marine vinyl Springfield the second is the implementation of wood protection technology to extend the life of wood products; third is to establish waste wood recycling mechanism, realize timber recycling of resources; Fourth, the development of alternative wood, wood consumption structure optimization.

    Will become the future mainstream flooring, solid wood floor will become a truly aristocratic consumption - Reporters yesterday from some decorative building materials market, french balconies suppliers this wood raw material price increases, such as rainbow, and it gets so solid wood flooring prices continue to rise, and for price considerations, many people have turned to the decoration flooring, there are many companies to develop "technology tree", "artificial wood" and other new alternative to wood as a corporate new way. Finished raw materials prices will continue According to insiders,best synthetic basketball flooring France since last year, because of shortage of wood materials lead to price increases, rose nearly 10%.

    timber prices and import prices showed double the number of domestic timber demand is strong and growing gap increase, also caused the rise in the price of solid wood products terminal. We do not want to see the vicious competition situation. Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest for laminate flooring price expressed his views, he believes the price is the development trend of the industry. "In the overall rise in prices of upstream production environment, No deformation patio floor Cameroon just to stay in business to reduce prices, the price war is no future, which is detrimental to the development of the health industry, the industry is not supported."

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