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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2016
    Warm beige plus fresh lime green, creating a spring fills the house with beautiful colors Ash floor with, so that the family of four rustic Mediterranean-style home is full of mix and match the natural comfortable feel. Solid wood flooring foot feeling soft and comfortable for families with children, the more applicable. Pastoral Mediterranean mash, adding beauty and laid-back feeling of home, so that a person being enjoyable to live in paradise.
    Warm beige walls, giving the effect of the sun off the warmth, floral pattern fabric sofa and checkered curtains, embellished rustic elegant mood. Sofa backdrop is particularly special, under the hand-painted "happy tree" hung full of fond memories of family photographs, highlighting monk warm harmony.
    Ash solid wood flooring foot feeling soft and comfortable for families with children, the more applicable. Living room with a variety of site-built wooden furniture, it is more fusion style.
    Belongs to the child's toy storage corner, hidden in the corner of the living room, very subtle, will not affect the overall effect of the living room, creating the feeling of clutter, open storage rack in the middle of the back trees, played a role in the finishing touch.
    Ash floor extends to the location of the restaurant, with a rustic wood dining tables and chairs, giving a quiet cozy feeling. Warm sunlight into the room, dining cozy warmth.
    White molded board cabinets with antique brick brown build a small kitchen, the atmosphere is not only beautiful, but also very dirt. Open kitchenette does not give the feeling of crowding, especially for family dining kitchen space is not the choice.
    Fresh and pleasant green study, relying on both sides of the door are installed large bookcase, with strong storage function, using bamboo instead of the door, so that the space seem more open, but also more integrated into the pastoral style.
    Daughter's room using a sweet pink, dress up a girl's favorite princess room effect. Vintage Rose chandelier, hand-painted wall flower pattern, Famous checkered curtains, all intoxicating.
    The boy's room is even more simple, fresh, lively dressed in green, and the boys personality complement each other. With a large roof made of leaves shape, it is creative, it is easy to attract children's attention.
    Bedding, wallpaper, curtains floral embellishment master bedroom space, so that the pastoral style permeates into the bedroom, fresh and sweet feeling, wooden garden furniture also allows more distinctive style.
    Bathroom wet and dry separation design, hand-washing area on the toilet outside, so that the space more hygienic wash. Mediterranean-style partition walls, the effect has played a separated space.
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