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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2016

    Overall, expected in 2007, high-end technology floor, antique floors and floor sauna and other diverse wood flooring will go into more families. With the extension of solid wood flooring product line, coupled with people seeking personalized living, solid wood flooring decorative building materials in the range of applications will be more extensive.anti-cracking composite deck ramp Second, the brand centralization of solid wood flooring will be higher with the acceleration of global economic integration, globalization strategy will be to develop in the wood flooring industry, eco outdoor fence manufacturers domestic brands will enter the international market, foreign brands will also be flocked, a new round of competition has become increasingly reflected in the brand competition.

    Since consumer awareness of solid wood flooring market more and more, the brand has become the first consumers to buy solid wood flooring elements, not the brand equivalent to cancer, suitable flooring for outside balconies it has been increasingly confirmed by the market. Brand solid wood floor next year will be more and more obvious, a strong brand's market share will grow, some small manufacturers, small brands will eventually be a strong brand mergers and acquisitions, brand, material, these three elements will channel Solid wood flooring market has become the core competitiveness, and successful marketing channel is based on the establishment of a strong brand basis.

    Some experts predict: composite wood fencing suppliers singapore in the next 5 - 10 years, solid wood flooring enterprises will have more than half was eliminated by 2010 solid wood flooring business is expected to remain in about 500, solid wood flooring production and sales will exceed 100 million square meters, a strong brand position in the market will become increasingly prominent.

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