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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2016

    Laminate flooring as a new environmentally friendly building materials in the market competition has brought out other building materials products unparalleled competitive advantage, so the laminate flooring the consumer market will be further expanded by the large, medium and small cities and gradually enter the city until the township,composite 4 by 8 sheets different levels to meet the needs of consumers.

    Solid wood floor will steadily toward aristocratic, branding. In 2007, users of quality wood flooring requirements will be higher, because the consumer awareness of solid wood flooring market,dimensions of composite deck boards more and more, consumers buy the brand has become the first element of wood flooring, high-end technology floor, antique floor sauna and a variety of wood flooring and other flooring will go into more families. trek decking pool slide Parquet will rapidly diversify. With the shortage of timber resources, wood flooring consumer consumption, higher demands, as well as emerging advanced manufacturing technology, highlighting the advantages of the parquet category rapidly gaining acceptance in the field of production and consumption. Its amazing technology development and the pace of change has become the focus of industry attention.

    Parquet product diversification, plastic or composite fence post personalized features significantly. Bamboo flooring will enhance the degree of the scale. China is rich in bamboo resources, bamboo short growth period is to develop the advantages of bamboo flooring. Currently bamboo flooring manufacturers are mostly family workshops, increase productivity, integrate small and medium enterprises to achieve scale is inevitable road bamboo flooring enterprise development.

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