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    Many factors affect steel pipe fitting specifications, including the type of material, the use of the pipe, dimensions and tolerances, size of the pipe, threading and pressure requirements. Many organizations produce standards and specifications for various types of steel pipe. Standards and specifications also can vary by country. The type of connection used also will affect the specifications; threaded joints and welded joints will be treated differently.

    Steel pipe fittings must be matched to the job. Some require a more secure attachment. Some fittings have threads and others must be welded. The method of joining will depend in part on the application. Fittings for oil and natural gas drilling and transmission will have different pressure and reliability standards than fittings for a home furnace or stove. Fittings in automobiles, other engines and mechanical devices may need more flexibility. You can obtain detailed specifications from all of the standards organizations; most provide the information online.

    Stainless steel pipe threads are protected by sealant in order to prevent leakage, contamination and weathering. Sealing stainless steel threads also provides lubrication for easy assembly of male and female end connections. Pipes can be sealed using TFE tape or an anaerobic pipe dope or sealant. TFE tape has proven to be the more popular selection due to its convenient, simple, mess-free application.

    Apply a liquid sealant as an alternative. This pipe dope is effective for temperatures of -65 to 350 degrees F. Ensure that both threads, male and female, are free of grease, oil or other contaminants that can trap air.

    Squeeze enough of the dope to seal the first two male threads, in a full 360-degree application. Use a dry rag to wipe off any excess sealant after the pipes have been connected.

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