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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2016

    If more of our revenue is used in food, clothing, when these areas is our basic cost of living, we have no more money for high-end vinyl deck planks We actually belong to the non-wood floor necessities of life, its elasticity is relatively large, so it is our revenue is directly related to market demand or market size. We calculated according to purchasing power parity, we are at least on the verge of developed countries.

    Such a level of income can support the development of our wood flooring. I also saw these regions, which happens with wooden floors we Circulation Association released data is our main sales area,how to build an outdoor wood seat storage box I specifically compared what, wpc decking in south african like Beijing, Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, the Northeast region happens to be our major markets. It is such a group of relatively high income areas, or higher income groups of people on our wood floor development provides a fundamental role.

    And we believe that this group will continue to expand, which means we should adjust our government even though the income gap, but the adjustment is not the high pressure to low, in fact, based on the increase in common and allow consumers increased faster, from this perspective, premade fence sections we are also developing promising wood floor. Incidentally, the real estate industry, many of us thought we wood floor and the development of real estate industry are closely related, it is. State, we enter 2007 is not the same, we have entered a mild inflation, has caused our vigilance.

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