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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2016

    Flooring companies need to strengthen consumer guide reflected in comparative competitive advantage In the flooring industry, in addition to the wooden floor with a certain size of the market, the competition and the wooden floor also includes: floor covering, floor tiles and other types of low-end products. Must be clear that not only the people have no money to buy a low-end products, the ability to plastic roof panel - canada consume a considerable part of the wooden floor because consumer attitudes are not updated, there are a lot of cognitive wooden floors unclear, resulting on wood floor exclusion. Although these people have spending power, but in fact did not become a wood floor consumers.

    Wood floor to guide the consumer, the wood floor will be enlarged, increased sales have significant meaning. The aim is to form an Deck Material Sale,Eco Deck Material,Deck Material Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust overall market capacity to enhance wood floor, big cake, and even share some share has not changed, but the benefits will be improved. Perhaps consumers opt out of wood flooring category, and a big reason is that he remembered a disadvantage wooden floors and their own thinking process, amplifies it, until eventually give up on the wooden floor.

    It can be said on the wood floor market capacity expansion process, an important role in nurturing the market more than the advantages of an enlarged, but how to get consumers to wood floor building a porch swing out of composite decking disadvantage forgotten even how to define a particular disadvantage , described as a symbol of status, quality of life and noble elements, so that the wood floor of consumers willing to accept the disadvantage into advantage. The disadvantages into advantages, to enhance the overall level of the wood floor of great significance.

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