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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2016

    Innovation: improve efficiency and create demand In recent years, an increasing number of flooring products in the major buy promotional activities appeared to narrow the distance with consumers, closing the distance between competitors, such a result would no doubt make various flooring business cost transparency in the competition gradually, profits outdoor rubber tile are increasingly thin. As competition increases brand flooring, flooring enterprises has reached white-hot level of business requirements survival and development, we must find a way for their own development.

    Some large companies began to seek high value-added products, change ideas, innovative products, expanding laterally while further deepening the industrial chain products. Industrial upgrading, innovation is a way companies can take the floor. But what is "innovation" and how innovation has always been a problem plague flooring company. For small and medium enterprises as the mainstay of the alternative decking material inexpensive flooring industry in terms of figuring out what is innovation, how innovation can help to promote industrial upgrading and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Flooring business innovation have these two ranges, one to enhance efficiency, the second is to create new demand.

    Innovation is the key to a breakthrough flooring business for small and Deck Material Sale,Eco Deck Material,Deck Material Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust medium enterprises, the floor, how to innovate, big wide tiger, or affordable? Selection and breakthrough path may vary, but when necessary innovation. Small and medium enterprises floor normative issues, is an old problem, but in the search for innovation, specification development is the eternal problem, even multinational companies, there are also the rationalization of systems, processes and so on.

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