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    • CommentAuthorMowerWitha
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2017 edited
    For many Apple users who have a many DVDs, it would be amazing and convenient to watch these DVDs on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and more). To play DVDs on Apple devices, you need to convert DVDs to iTunes supported formats (MP4, MOV or M4V). And then import them to iTunes. Once the digital DVD movies are in iTunes, you can transfer them to your Apple devices easily.

    With a good DVD ripper, you can easily convert your DVDs to iTunes compatible formats. If your DVDs are homemade or uncommercial ones, you can take HandBrake to convert the DVDs. Here provide the converting steps: Add DVD to HandBrake > Choose a title to convert (tips: the longest one would be the main movie) > set a destination for your DVD movie > choose MP4 as output format or select Apple devices on the Preset part > start to encode your DVD

    But if your DVDs are commercial ones, you can take WonderFox. Here's the converting process: Add the DVD to this converter > choose iTunes as output format > set a save folder the start the conversion.

    Or you can obtain detailed guide here:
    • CommentAuthorMikssa
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2017
    Thanks for your nice post. As for me, I prefer to convert iTunes videos to common MP4 format. Since I like to play iTunes movies on non-Apple devices. Like Windows player, Android phone, Samsung smart TV, etc. All iTunes movies are in M4V which DRM protected, making it impossible to be played on Apple unauthorized devices, so we have to get rip of DRM protection at first. The DRM removal software for me is Tuneskit DRM media converter for mac. It works at 30x faster speed to convert videos with lossless quality. You can convert iTunes M4V rentals and purchases to DRM-free MP4, MOV, M4V, MPG, AVI, FLV, MP3, etc. with lossless 5.1 audio tracks, subtitles preserved for playing on any device. Learn more on here. Wish this point is helpful to you.
    As an iTunes movie Fan, I purchased DVDs, or digital copies from iTunes movies and enjoy them across all my Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and ipod etc. however, there does have one trouble, I have to authorize the videos before I play them, sometimes my iTunes account is just used for more than 5 devices. As a result, I can't watch them unless I use a DRM removal tool to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies. I does try a lot of DRM converters and I have learned multiple tutorials, but anyone know which is the best one? Thanks a lot.
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