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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2017
    <p>the visual. The ground and the top and even large-size furniture, jewelry also need to coordinate with the wall. Such as red, orange and yellow; cool colors, such as blue indigo; there are neutral colors such as green and purple and no color lines, such as gold, silver and black and white ash. Shallow, usually refers to the brightness and purity of the color. 7. Selection </p>
    <p>of soft texture-based decoration materials The famous architectural master Ando Tadao, is particularly good at using the texture of the material to do the work, especially in ordinary people in the eyes of the usual extraordinary use of materials, so that the atmosphere of the atmosphere ... The choice of the wall material, the texture is particularly critical, small space </p>
    <p>is not necessarily just choose a single paint or metal, brick and other hard materials. Soft texture materials, such as wallpaper, can be a good contrast to the atmosphere of the room, but also can foil the furniture room furniture, weaken the sense of the level of space, so that the space is more open. 8. Make a small amount of transparent cut off the appropriate </p>
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