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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2016

    In addition to the diverse flooring category, related industries, multi-category coverage strategy, they tend to be more profitable play an unexpected effect. interlocking wooden deck tiles Cornwall Green floor 06 years ago, it has been struggling to stick to a single position to strengthen the floor, despite the creation of a number of market share, including Nanjing, including a first success, but the impact on the overall profitability of the disc general, by Green's core competitive advantage excavations.

    Rui Fu Shing special recommends diversification strategy related industries, related categories, along with later launched art prints, fences recycled material art sliding door category market breakthrough, only to achieve the corporate decision-making on strategic thinking and business expansion that is of profit targets, and further reinforces the Green "Wood Art" veranda hidden fasteners canada is the core competitive advantages.

    Covering a wide range of vertical industry value chain extending opposite strategy and category diversification, industrial value chain extension, water resistant wall cladding in south africa through the industrial chain upstream and downstream longitudinal extension of the floor in order to strengthen the industry as a whole to control the power.

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