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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2016

    Innumerable materials and manufacturers competing publicity, consumers are often confused. Most consumers in the face of rich category, production of complex solid wood flooring, can only rely on the salesperson to explain the preliminary resolution to do, if the salesman saying the presence of flicker component, consumers only cheated in envy. Solid wood flooring market a wide Landscape Decking,Landscape Decking Material - Shanghai Seven Trust variety of materials, some of flooring companies will have the opportunity to take the opportunity to make a big fuss, frequently set up "material trap", to allow consumers to drill. On the one hand, some companies sell at high prices by material speculation, on the other hand, some enterprises simply shoddy, or impurities.

    In recent years, pretending to be exposed to Elm black walnut, oak posing Ash cases are not uncommon. Some people think that the consumer psychology of the blind pursuit of material achievements of businesses large and material articles opportunity. For some consumers ostentatious, rather high prices but also the pursuit of foreign material, not knowing the domestic elm, ash and other wood is also very good, even more applicable to domestic consumers, consumers should be on 2x4 composite board manufacturer Norway the technology of choice, rather than rely solely on the wood species. Now too many solid wood flooring market chaos, many businesses although verbal commitment authenticity floor wood timber, but most can not be implemented in the case of a sales contract, which is to bring consumer rights trouble in the future.

    Further conventional solid wood floor of a "mix and match wood" approach, that is a main material of solid wood flooring with DPM, some consumers if not careful inquiry, it may lead to spend money to buy the whole material mix and match materials wood flooring . Faced with chaos marking material is likely to bring consumers wall board composite agent plagued by the phenomenon, companies should refuse to fill out by hand the contract to provide consumers with Annex describes the detailed configuration of the floor. Many kinds of wood are not afraid, consumers do not understand is normal, the key is the business should strictly fulfill its mandate, to provide consumers with the most comprehensive and authentic product descriptions.

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