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    With the rapid change of office environment and the use of technical staff, office chairs and desks are kept at a great distance from the center of the office. However, while many organizations are concerned about the design and layout of desk and furniture systems, office chairs may be considered an afterthought. Consider a typical employees sitting in a chair, it shouldn't: every day more than 1600 hours of work time, assuming a typical 8 hours working days, including rest time.

    For organizations, even home-based individuals, the rest of the design office needs to be taken into account when choosing a chair in the office While sitting, the office chair can provide structural support for the body to reduce the overall risk of musculoskeletal injury. Sitting for long periods of time can be stressful for the body, especially the back, hip flexors, shoulders and forearm areas.

    The design of the office chair must be able to support the body. Select the right office chair for the organization and consider price, user testing and aesthetics.

    The price

    There are many different types of chairs in the market, ranging from $90 to $2,000 per unit for a large box retailer and even more.

    The higher the price, the higher the adjustable, the higher the choice of fabrics. The office chair has adjustable back area, arm and other functions, typically ranging from $700 to $1,200.

    The lower the price, the less the adjustable function There is also the risk that this chair is not suitable for everyone in the organization.

    It's best to go to an office furniture store to see different models and discuss with the sales representative about the ability to conduct user tests to see if the chair fits the company. Most office furniture stores support this type of testing.

    At this stage, some companies employ an ergonomics expert who can assist users in their experiments to ensure that each chair is properly adjusted to fit everyone. There are three important ergonomic features that can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury:

    1. Adjustable arm, seat height and low back area for different sizes of people

    2. The adjustable seat height and depth is especially important for employees of large companies and small companies.

    3. Back support and tilt back.

    During the testing process, it is important to get a representative sample of employees who will use chairs, including people of different heights. Some chairs may be suitable for a tall person, but may be too big, or lack enough low support to give a short person. Consider a quick survey of the different features of the chair and eventually rank the chairs.

    Different employees use different chairs in their work area, instead of arranging the chairs in a row for the employees to try. That way they can see how the chair fits them at work, what's right and what needs to change. For example, even if there is a good chair, some of the shorter employees may need a foot rest to support their calves. User testing is important because the staff who use the chair every day are employees who use the chair, so the chair needs to fit their body.


    When looking for office chairs, many people are drawn to the leather executive chair; However wholesale dining chairs, many of these chairs lack tunability, and in a month or so, the user's back and shoulders suffer from pain. Whatever the design, the chair needs to be adjusted to fit the body.

    First choose a chair based on price and user test, then cooperate with office furniture store to see the possibility of fabric and design. The chair can be a beautiful piece of furniture, can complement the design of the office, also can serve as a statement.

    The office chair is one of the most important tools in the office and is often overlooked. By adopting man-machine engineering methods and users' participation wholesale office chairs, the process of selecting chairs can both promote the safety of the organization and provide team building opportunities for the team. In addition, to invest in a good chair can reduce the loss caused by musculoskeletal injury time, and contribute to a satisfactory working environment, thereby helping to reduce operating costs.
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