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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2016

    Flooring business to confront the interests between dealers Chinese flooring industry from the start has been more than twenty years, has initially entered the mature stage, but also is not out of this "love triangle." In the consumer point of view, the various safeguard consumers' legal rights laws and regulations, industry standards constantly refined and improved, companies and distributors Landscape Decking,Landscape Decking Material - Shanghai Seven Trust of consumer responsibilities and obligations became evident, consumers in the process of economic and quality disputes have law to follow; and the national regulatory authorities and industry associations have neglected another important relationship: the relationship between the interests of businesses and dealers. Many companies for the expansion of the channel, at any cost, at all costs, do not choose the way to develop dealer.

    Blind expansion has brought many problems, disputes between companies and distributors continue to question constantly; such adverse effects and even the formation of culture in small and medium enterprises in the floor, they consider themselves clever use of various arbitrary "means" to recruit distributors; over time, the industry engineered beams average cost for pergola formed a lot of unfairness, so that dealers under the weight of the enterprise to survive. Vase phenomenon hurt every mistress phenomenon, the phenomenon known as vase, found in between small business and very strong dealer. Small business strength is too weak, dealers strength, in fact, the formation of auto manufacturers go with the situation, had expected a big hand little hand, companies with dealer development, the reality is actually a small horse-drawn carts!

    In this under case, many dealers will be forced to look for a brand, then became the original brand vase, mistress. This situation is seemingly not the dealer, the dealer actually innocent:? If the first brand Composite Vinyl Fencing Factory Uk to be profitable, why should he seek a second brand they do not directly get rid of companies have shown that they are the righteous dealers! Short-term phenomenon vase so that dealers can make money, but you can not focus on one brand promotion for long-term development, it has great drawbacks, so we work hard to recommend the best dealer for a powerful enterprises, willing to do a century brand corporate, single-minded, so that companies and distributors both ways are better.

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