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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2016

    "Three products, seven installation" is the essence of the flooring industry. If you can not provide professional sound pavement as well as after-sales service, which will become the bottleneck of the development of the flooring industry. It affects not only the individual company's brand image, the industry will therefore criticized by consumers. For most consumers, the quality of the floor of trouble not only bring large communication costs, and even if a consensus timely repair, also need to move boxes Norwegian cabinet struggling. Flooring for the home, he may be more than the meaning of furniture cabinets and other products, and those of us engaged in the flooring industry, there are a few outdoor deck construction in Ireland people can be aware of it? We do the actual value and the price of what it tastes and status ? According to the China Consumers Association and the relevant agency data show that 80% of complaints flooring products from pavement problems.

    Why did this happen has led to the following three reasons: First, some manufacturers have not paid enough attention pavement service, this is the question of perception; Second, pay attention to the pavement but not professional management team training, low wages and recruitment difficulties, staff instability, which is the capacity issues; third, companies imperfect channels, remote areas can only temporarily employed "guerrilla" to serve, "guerrilla" professional dedication and sense of responsibility is not guaranteed.With the development of technology and the wood floors of different colors and materials appear, floor decorative effect greatly enhanced, now can not only incarnation cost to remove and replace composite deck wall decoration to beautify the space, make home more personalized, even also "walk" into the kitchen and balcony, and some even the bathroom can also be wood shop floor. In addition, the present mosaic flooring in diverse ways, in the pattern can be realized even marble, tile texture style, wooden floor showed its wide adaptability and extensibility.

    The wooden floor on the wall is well known in the interior walls, floors, the top surface area is occupied by an absolute, direct impact on the overall style. According to the flooring industry experts, in addition to the traditional paint and wallpaper, the walls on the floor both personality, but also Used In Indoor Discount Composite Deck Boards Export
    echoes with the ground material, significantly enhance the overall texture. Whether TV wall, headboard, or fireplace wall, ceiling photo walls and attic, who can think of the place, the floor is a good dotting decoration. In the choice of material, oak, walnut, teak material or color, there are shades, can create a warm, natural, taste, and can reflect the owner's unique cultural connotation.

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