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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2017
    <p>drawer or door frame tilt phenomenon, with or without tenon head twist or eye is too large, tenon and other low level of technology caused by skewed parts. Wood furniture to have the safety and stability, when the two doors open 90 degrees, the hand gently pull forward, the cabinet should not automatically tilt forward; bookcase door glass to be treated by grinding; Dressing table to install the </p>
    <p>back plate, the pressure should be fixed glass surface. Furniture parts (such as legs and legs, drawers, doors or brackets, etc.) must have sufficient support. You can light the corner of the furniture or sitting on the side, try furniture is solid. Seven, check the interface of the furniture should be heavier in the corner with the screw with the protection block, and stick well. As for the back plate parts, you </p>
    <p>must also check whether the set is good, and a good screw. Good solid wood furniture, are used to connect the tongue and groove, etc., in the local bearing a relatively large place, but also the use of screws and protection blocks, etc. reinforcement. If you see the solid wood furniture, the use of all the screws are fixed, then the solid degree of this kind of furniture is not high. Judge the firmness of the </p>
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