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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2017
    <p>Living in the city a lot of people will encounter sleep at night is cooked, suddenly awakened by the outside of the noise, the first day of the head faint, affecting the day's work. Many people also think that the bedroom needs to give a quiet and comfortable rest environment, so every bedroom in the decoration of the mute effect is very seriously. How to make the bedroom decoration quiet and comfortable? Here to follow Xiaobian to see it!</p><p> Doors and windows selection category Now the house, some windows are on the street, the evening road car to the car, the car can come and go, but large vehicles on people's night sleep quality great impact, want a good indoor environment, the window sound insulation effect appears Particularly important, to create a good soundproof window, not only is the choice of glass, window frames and sound insulation is also very important.</p><p> Window frame material selection building materials market on the window frame style is mainly aluminum and plastic steel material, aluminum alloy as popular for many years of home improvement metal materials, sound insulation, thermal conductivity and other properties relative to the emerging plastic steel material there is a certain weakness , Steel profiles due to their own multi-cavity, thick material, sound insulation and the effect of insulation are relatively good.</p>
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