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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2017
    <p>inside the cabinet. Touch the paint surface, whether there are burrs, bubbles and other phenomena. 10, inverted test the chairs and cushions of the furniture upside down to see how they are made. As for the table, check from the bottom. To see if the joints are reinforced with screws and wedges, and the slats are fastened to the rungs? The seams have no excess glue and packing. 11, to determine the </p>
    <p>origin of special attention to the origin of solid wood furniture manufacturers. There is an old saying &quot;solid wood, but the Yangtze River&quot;, that is, in the south of solid wood furniture to the north, because the climate impact of moisture, which prone to cracking, deformation and other issues. So when the purchase to see the origin. 12, drawer details drawer should be solid and firm, tighten the screw inside. </p>
    <p>May wish to pull the drawer, the activities of the desktop, doors and other parts, to ensure that can be used freely, and the correct connection. The drawer floor has a certain thickness, and the drawer floor is used to connect the slot, not the nail connection. Conclusion: The above is home to introduce the most comprehensive small wooden furniture, buy the secret, I hope to help you. To learn more </p>
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