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    • CommentTime25 08 2017
    <p>finished. But also in the production of each stage there is a strict dry treatment, some imported pine furniture, although the use of pure wood is produced, but not cracking, deformation; this is generally similar to similar domestic products. In order to reflect the natural and simple design of pine furniture, the surface coating of the product using a matte nitro paint or vegetable oil soaking, beeswax coating </p>
    <p>two methods. This way of painting has kept the texture of the wood itself clear and natural, smooth lines. Infiltrated the nature of fresh and fresh atmosphere. Pine furniture in highlighting the natural, solid, rough style at the same time, but also the integration of modern furniture manufacturing process. Not only sophisticated technology, but also from raw materials to accessories, all the pursuit of natural taste. </p>
    <p>5, pure, simple, simple modern pine furniture is pine and cloth pine and metal and other combinations, in the color combination also maintain the wood character, pine furniture, whether traditional, modern, are the pursuit of a Pure, simple, simple, practical style. So that the furniture itself is strong, durable, durable, and modern use of pure pine furniture, in the ease of modern social work at the same time, for </p>
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