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    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2017
    <p>can not sloppy. Not only to moisture and moisture, in line with the national standard E1 environmental protection materials is the key to protecting the health of their families. 2. Installation process to install the wardrobe in place often need to dig in the box board punching, multi-functional sealing tape can be tightly wrapped around the edge of the board, play a better waterproof moisture. If the installation is </p>
    <p>not appropriate, easy to leave gaps, water vapor can take the opportunity. &amp; Nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 3. back protection is very important backplane veneer can not only waterproof, but also to extend the life of the protection of furniture God. In the selection of furniture in the process, consumers must focus on the details of the back. The use of double decorative veneer back plate can completely avoid the MDF </p>
    <p>substrate exposed, the water no longer have the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet, is a good helper waterproof and moisture. 4. Subtleties Many observations are not easily noticed where there are serious consequences for neglected care and attention. The selection must not let go of the small part of the furniture production is professional through the details of the observation </p>
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