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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2017
    <p>Create a private space, to achieve space separation, highlighting the decorative performance, which is invisible door the most basic three functions. Designers according to the different needs of the owners, clever use of stealth door to break the pattern of space, creating a stunning visual effects. Door and wall into one of the old-fashioned door heavy door frame in <a href="">how to lay ikea pvc deck tiles</a> the modern home is not a hindrance? The use of a light weight wall + invisible door design, both can save space, but also enhance the visual effects of space, simple use of furniture stealth a lot of stealth doors are appear in a large row of shelves behind, one for storage use, Second, the shelves of the shelves of the texture is just invisible door hidden their own good camouflage weight. </p><p>Open the door, a private space of their <a href="">where to purchase curved decking</a> own to be able to show. Space-shaped revolving door revolving door is common in large units, where they are more created to create a specific sense of space design. In the large apartment structure, the door, a variety of partitions can use stealth door, taking into account the door, cut plastic and other functions. Weakening the existence of a hidden home in the door, often people will have the illusion that it is not a door, but a wall or a decoration or a part of the furniture.</p><p> When the door and the surrounding walls are covered with a uniform <a href="">cheap hardwood floors non splintering</a> tonal pattern wallpaper, or the same color paint is painted on the walls around the door, such a cover can not completely conceal the presence of the door, but it is effective for weakening the presence of the door. Can the door hidden on the ground open to the floor and find a new world? When you are a child, after watching some of the TV series will not go home knock on the tiles, dreaming want to find a brick and other areas beat different sound, maybe there is a treasure ... Well, pull away. Of course, this classification is not practical, only some families will <a href="">blue no pollution vinyl flooring</a> have such a situation. Like an apartment like a commercial room, it is impossible in the ground to create a new space.</p>
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