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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2017
    <p>home living room, kitchen and bathroom are usually encountered in the gap from the white to black, very unsanitary aesthetic problems, black tiles will breed bacteria, resulting in odor, serious harm <a href="">whats maximum deck overhang</a> to human health, this bacteria is particularly evident in the summer. This troubled decoration industry for many years the problem, is now the day color ceramic US sewing agent to overcome, it not only solved the brick wall caused by a series of problems, but also greatly enhance the decoration grade. </p><p>It is made of high-tech new polymer and high-grade pigment, is a semi-liquid liquid; it is different <a href="">using gas table on pvc decking</a> from white cement, color sealant (dry powder cement material + low Pigment) is mainly composed of inorganic materials, he is a high-tech content of new polymer materials + high-grade pigments and special additives from fine. New color: it has a luster, rich colors of natural and delicate, such as gold, silver, pearl color, etc., and white, black color was significantly higher than white cement, color sealant, to the wall to <a href="">adding pool and deck to existing deck</a> bring better overall effect, Decoration is much stronger than white cement, color sealant.</p><p> And its solidified, the surface smooth as porcelain, and can be scrubbed with tiles, with anti-penetration waterproof characteristics, can do the real tile gap "never change black"; new features: it is smooth, easy to scrub, easy to clean, Waterproof moisture, can avoid the gap breeding mold harm human health. Now we do not have to hesitate in the pursuit of beauty and health, because with the US sewing agent we can enjoy our favorite to reflect the personality of the tiles, no longer <a href="">porcelain deck tile grids</a> have to worry about the gap breeding mold brought to our health zone To the harm.</p>
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