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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    <P>After the end of the profiteering period, some small flooring companies because of weak profits and "uninterested war", so the market and blowing a burst of closed tide,<a href=''>wood wall cladding spec</a> mergers and tide, in the seemingly reshuffle behind, in fact, nearly three years the floor industry Development has entered a platform finishing period. Macro market point of view, China's vast county, the vast majority of rural use of cement and tiles, and even some three or four lines of the city,<a href=''>where to get cheap decking wood in malaysia</a> there are a lot of tiles market share.</P>
    <P>With the improvement of living standards, wood flooring will gradually into the homes of ordinary people, it seems the future market capacity of wood flooring is still very large. However, living in the current flooring industry where the way out? With its brains in the material, the idea of ​​the article up and down, it is better to focus on the functionality of the floor,<a href=''>outdoor front porch flooring</a> and the current flooring industry is the largest functional classification of geothermal floor.</P>
    <P>Southern unified heating was rejected, there are a lot of people looking for new heating methods to change the southern winter indoor cold even more than the dilemma. In the envy of the northern partners at the same time, and heating systems complement each other's geothermal floor has been more and more consumer concerns, which is a set of large consumer market, but also to the floor industry,<a href=''>cost of 280 square foot outdoor deck</a> the answer is ready to come out, but this is not a Kangzhuang Avenue. Sitting on the established market advantage of the geothermal floor in the development of two major resistance encountered: First, corporate integrity, and second, technical defects.</P>
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